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Real Estate Investment is not a piece of cake. It is not meant for everyone. Yet there are many people who like to invest and aim for a good return. This blog is especially designed for them.

If you like to join a good money venture with $ 5000, you will be on the way to meeting a team of experts. They will help you find the right deals, skip-tracing, highest and best use of the properties. At Off Market, we focus on preparing the budget, pre-qualifying, analyzing properties, finding the right property, making offers, submitting the contract, title search, fixing/rehabilitating the property, cleaning, renting and selling.

If you think you are clueless and unfit for the job, do not worry. The Off Market team is equipped with what you lack: the right knowledge for investment. Whether it is Appraisers, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers or Credit Restoration we have everything you need to know.

We will of course dedicate our time in guiding you to buy the right properties, and succeed at it.


Identifying cash producing properties

Most budding investors find it hard to identify and select solid cash producing properties. Before investing in a property and generate a sizable income, the investors must have an idea about the positive cash flow property investment opportunities. For instance, if you think of investing in the stock market, you are clueless about the profits, sales and the dividends. But it is a different story when you make an investment on property. It is going to be your business.

All the same, you are not confident, that’s where we fit in. We will make it simple to invest. Converting the beginners in investment into experts of turnkey investment is what we do with Off Market properties.


Guidance through all phases of acquisition

Usually the real estate investment has four phases of acquisition. During the first stage, you will have to gather facts about the property. In this stage, we will help you link your requirements with the facts. During the second stage, we will match your needs with alternatives in the market. We will assist you to analyse a full range of alternatives well before settling for one property. The third stage involves negotiation and closing down. We will assist you in writing the Request for Proposal (RFP). This is where a final agreement is settled down. The final stage, the most important phase, is where you need a lease abstract and other follow-up procedures.


Manage all aspects of the property after your purchase

The real estate property business does not reach an end just after buying. You have bought the property for a positive gain. And that is why we are here to manage all aspects of the property after your purchase. We will make sure that the property generates enough income for you.


Help you sell the property when you’re ready

And if you have an idea to sell the property, we will handle that too. Just like we helped you buy the property, we will offer our expert knowledge to sell the property.

Here are a few examples where we put our money and we succeed 

We have all you'll need to start investing . From Appraisers, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Credit Restoration, the most important : Knowledge

... let's make it Simple 2 Invest!!!!!

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