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Here are the steps to our turnkey offer

Our company is Proud to partner up with one of the best Real Estate Property Auction Buyers from South Florida . We manage to put together a turnkey investment opportunity. We do most of the research for you (from area, value, property stage , liens , title search and more) but we always love your "do diligence" cooperation. Until now most of our investments came with an positive outcome of 55% to 70% of the FMV. Even if 60 % is the most common Purchase Price , we will give an example at the end of the page using an “worse case scenario” outcome.

1. Please send us the name of the buyer(spelled Correctly), address, telephone. and email---- what amount you want to start buying at?
     for every $100,000 you will need a deposit 5% plus 1.5% and $75 Docks.
a. We will need  your zip code or city or area of buying?
b. Send us your specific criteria. ex: Condos or SNGF waterfront in Brikell.

 2.  We will set you up with my contact buying for you under your name at any of the 4 Court Houses?
 3. BUYER will receive a specific and ONLY for HIM --- wiring INSTRUCTION that will give the power to the company Partner to buy for you under   Buyers name (your  or your buyer direct name).
Once you have a DEPOSIT AT this STEP is when you get an updated list of any County you like.
4. The next day you will need to wire before 11 am the remaining winning bid (CASH)(the rest of the 95% plus all other disclosed fees.
5. AT the Same time you are Wiring  to the  business partner Company --12% . This is our fee for all work we do to make your you will get the best of each property .All this work is to a  fee that is similar as the Auction Premium houses fee.


 Simple math


  Starting up with a county required 5% deposit

                                                      95% ready to pay cash at any successful purchase.

                                                      1.5% court house fee

                                                      $75 Docks Fee   

                                                      12% Company Fee


Total of  100% property purchase Auction Price +

                13.5% +$75   All other cost


     For an easy math and a better use of understanding to put example we will round up to 15% cost and will consider the worse case scenario of buying a property at the highest auction price 70% of the FMV


Example: XXXX nw 167 avenue Pembroke Pines , Fl bought for $355k market value $475k


                The total cost for you will be 355,000 + 53,250 that comes to $408,250

                  that will bring to 86% of the market  price . And only Adding 4% on top for an easy and fast sale. that will bring it on the Market for $425,000 We are looking for $16,000 . DOM 23 days.


  The current example and many more are available to you and for your own diligence after the signing of the NCND agreement . All properties were done in cooperation with our company , even so some of them due to our Agreement we kept the main information off records . Thank you


....let's start by asking you if you like one of our recent deals.. XXXX nw 72 street Parkland, Fl  bought for $880k v/s market value 1.5mil

Call Us For All Details And Step by Step process