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Please contact our office to discuss your specific property and find out what we can do for you.
If you are an investor please don't make a mistake that will cost you
... the biggest mistake investors are doing is not doing a proper "Do Diligence"
 Before putting any money into any deal , do all the research necessary. Check the following items. Zoning, Market (see if there is any demand for what you are planing ) , Prices, Competition, Highest and Best Use ( maybe with the same property you can do something better that will bring you a better ROI ) and much more
 We can help you to do better !!! By allowing us to do all this for you in a professional matter
 Our company has State Certified General Appraisers that can develop a Restricted Use Appraisal Reports at reasonable prices which are intended to be relied upon by you to help make the best decisions for your investments.
 Investor Valuations  is a full service real estate appraisal and consulting firm providing Appraisal Valuation Services and Feasibility Studies as well as Highest and Best Use Studies. Our staff of expert appraisers including MAI Appraisers, are all state certified and are qualified to complete any appraisal, feasibility or consulting assignments.
 We are a full service  company utilizing the most popular software applications and state-of-the-art equipment. Our ongoing success is primarily due to high quality products, competitive pricing and client satisfaction.
 We can provide all types of commercial and residential appraisals in addition to eminent domain, condemnation and litigation appraisals involving expert witness testimony.
 In addition we now provide various types of extensive feasibility studies which consider the current and future uses of existing properties. We can provide important decision making data to investors on alternative uses of their properties. Our staff research state-of-the-art and existing real estate trends in the subject and surrounding area and determine how to apply the results to the clients project to maximize the return on investment.
 We can provide studies which indicate the future value of an alternate use so the client can factually and confidently determine the best development plan for their project.
C         Single Family Homes
C         Condominiums
C         2 to 4 Family Homes
C       Business Valuation
C         Shopping Centers
C         Office Buildings
C         Warehouse and Industrial Buildings
C         Vacant Commercial and Residential Land
C         Nursing Homes and ACLF Care Facilities
C         Hotel and Motel Properties
C         Multi-Family Apartment Buildings

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 The following is a partial list of property types we have appraised.      C         Insurance Replacement Cost Valuations